Yak Wool Products

Made in Kathmandu, Nepal Yak wool products more  thick and warm, soft feel and come in natural colours. Made out of 100% pure wool to keep you warm and comfortable in the winter. Thicker and warmer than the Cashmere pashmina products.

Yak Wool Blankets Yak Wool Blankets Tibetan Yak Wool blankets is mix of yak wool and regular (sheep) wool, it is very soft, light and handmade Yak Wool Blanket from Nepal.
Yak Wool Shawls Yak Wool Shawls A beautiful range of fabulously warm shawls handmade in Nepal. Handwoven from lovely, soft yak wool yarn.
Yak Wool Scarf Yak Wool Scarf Yak wool scarf is is hand woven by local experienced artisan from Nepal.