Thangka and Tibetan Paintings

Thangka painting is the life of tibetan monks, almost all the monks start  the thangka paintings from their primary school, as they express their piece of art from Thangka Paninting. Thankgka is the Uniquely Himalayan Art that attained classical levels in the Tibetan tradition between the 7th and 12th centuries. Thangka is more than a work of art; it is an object of devotion, an aid to spiritual practice, and a source of blessings to those who meditate upon it. These incredible works of art are central to Himalayan culture; however, in the recent times they have fallen into danger of becoming extinct.  My Shop Asia collect the thangka from different tibetan school in Kathmandu and supply to the all over the world. We export Amitabha Buddha,Medicine Buddha,Shakyamuni,Buddha,Buddhas,Avalokiteshvar and more thangka paintings.