We offer 100% Cashmere Hand Knitted and Hand Weaved accessories from Nepal. We provides private Labeling, stock facility too, our major stocks products are Cashmere Poncho, Pashmina Shawl, Sweater, Jumper, Cardigan, Blanket Baby Blanket, Wrap, Scarves, Throws etc.

Silk Products

Silk comes from the cocoon of the silk worm. Although many insects produce silk, the commercial silk industry primarily uses the filament produced by the Bombyx mori or mulberry silk moth. The silk worm feeds on mulberry leaves and then attaches itself to a mulberry tree to spin a silk cocoon. This process takes from three to eight days and is referred to as pupating. Farmers raise the cocoons and sell them to manufacturers. Silk manufacturers sort cocoons according to color, size, shape and texture as these attributes affect the quality of the silk. Cocoons range from white and yellow to grayish. After the cocoons have been sorted, they need to be softened through a series of hot and cold immersions.

Pure Silk Scarf Pure Silk Shawls and Scarf Silk scarf is very very light weight and very thin scarf it has strongest and 100% natural protein fiber.