We export our product all over the world. All our products are handmade in Nepal. We also keep large stock of items in our warehouse Kathmandu. Wholesaler, importer and retailer are welcome to trade with us.

100% Cashmere Pashmina Ponchos

Highest quality ponchos from Nepal, It is a perfect square measuring approximately 70x70 cms when fully open and the beauty of this poncho is that it also folds into a much smaller size of around 16x16 cms, so it's easy to fold and carry in your handbag.

We are the manufacturer and exporter of 100% Pure Cashmere Hand Knitted Poncho direct from Nepal. We are using 100% finest cashmere yarn from the Cashmere goat which found in high Himalayas (Nepal, Mangolia, Tibet).




Given below colours poncho are stock in our factory. For more colour please email us at We offer more than hundreds (100) colour. Happy to make your own design poncho as well. Wholesalers are requested to contact us for wholesale prices, to see samples or buying just few unit, you can just buy through our website, our website is secure and and accepted paypal and major credit card.