We offer 100% Cashmere Hand Knitted and Hand Weaved products from Nepal. We provides private labeling for your business with our product, stock facility too, our major stocks products are Cashmere Poncho, Pashmina Shawl/Scarf, Sweaters, Jumpers, Cardigans and more.

Why My Shop Asia

Our women team
We are member of fair trade organizationEmploying lots of women is our philosophy; they are lovely and hard working.
Your satisfaction, above all we strive to meet your expectations and work to better our services every day.

Our Experience
My Shop Asia P. LTD is family based business in Kathmandu, Nepal. And it is renowned in Nepal and abroad for its quality Hand Knitted and Hand Weaved Cashmere and Pashmina products which uses the finest quality Nepalese and Mongolian wool. We consists of two deparment in our factories - (i) Knitting and (ii) Weaving,  Knitting deparment manufacture womens, mens and Kids Knitwear products like Cashmere Poncho, Cashmere Jumpers, Cashmere Cardigan, Cashmere Sweaters, Cashmere Fashionable Clothings, incluidng Hat, Scarf, Wrap, Gloves, Socks and more Cashmere accessories. Weaving deparment produce different types of pashmina shawls and scarves for winter and summer seasons.

Our Natural Fiber
One of the rarest natural fibers in the world, cashmere's not a wool but a hair, which accounts for its unmistakable feel, all high quality Cashmere is collected by carefully combing the goat which is The loose hair in the comb is then delicately removed to ensure no damage is done to the fine Cashmere fibre. We also work with different type of other luxruios yarn including pure wool, cashmere and wool blend, cashmere silk blend, melange yarn, and merino wool yarn.

Local Craftsmanship, Womens empowering and Technology
We employ mostly women’s from remote village and local areas who are supporting themselves and their families with their crafts work. We’re focusing about teaching job skills, having our own small training unit where many women’s groups come and learn crafting methods by the senior trainer.

Quality Assurance
We implement in-house fabric testing mechanize from fiber analyzer software, ensuring the perfect diameter and length for each design. The colour dyes are done by Swiss brand and follow standardized and eco-friendly processes. We import lab certified and Mongolian origin Yarns for manufacturing our product.

Minimum order
There is no restriction in the number of purchase you plan to make from us. If you wish to buy one or more products, then please let us know or you can directly go to website easily and purchase online, our website is complete secure and it accept major credit card we can always work on a solution to suit you, to buy single unit

Stock Management SystemEco Friendly Colour Dying Process
No worry to keep your stock in your country, we keep stock in our warehouse in Kathmandu, we welcome western based stores to use our stock management system which enable you to store and receive your items within few days.

Duty FREE product
Our goods are free from import duty in Europe, UK, Canada, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. Many more countries throughout the world also provide subsidized duty which will help you with the financial costs involved in importing our high quality products.

Services after Sales
My Shop Asia do not compromise in their product and services quality. When you buy from us, we make a promise to meet your demand. In any unlikely event if we have made an error with your order or that the products supplied are in any way faulty, we assure to replace them quickly and efficiently.

Replace, Refund and Return
It 's not unsual with us that you will probably receive wrong items from our company however we offer you to FREE replace in such condition. Refund your money also easily from us if you did not like our product. Returning product in Nepal is little bit complicated however our agent will help you to return near by your place.