Social Responsibility

My Shop Asia is aware of its responsibility to support its native community as its fundamental liability. Therefore, this organization is happy to provide some of their income to support some rural areas in Nepal with poor educational infrastructure.

My Shop Asia frequently donates and support school libraries project.  Also been giving substantial financial support to the needy and deserving students of the village community who have desire to secure their future by getting proper education. In addition, this company is also offers students with an opportunity to work for them and in field works and provides training to develop their knowledge and skills.

Pashmina and Cashmere products are most popular and oldest handicrafts of Nepal, which is manufactured by local weavers and knitters. They are passionate about their artworks and it is the only means of employment for people living in village area to support their family.  But, there are numerous factors affecting today business as nation has developed many MBAs, Doctorate and other specialized degree, in front of which artist who inherits their art as their culture seems unqualified and least desired in modern business world. Thus, My Shop Asia plays a vital role in creating interactive art platform for those local Pashmina weavers and knitters by creating value of their arts. They are working hard to bring out talent by appreciating and respecting their passion for arts and exposing their handworks to world.

We respect their passion of arts. Do You?

Buying from us is your chance to contribute to make difference in many ways. Remember your purchase can help rural children to live better lives and artist to love their art.